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Take Home Test
Posted on Fri 20 Apr 2007 17:33


´ͺ take home test ش

ͺẺ .. ҡ
open book .. ҡ
take home .. ⤵ҡ

੾ bio

ҡдɢͺѺ ѧ

ѹͧ research ҧ
§ 3 ѹ

Ӥѭͧ national geographic (ver. eng)
ͧ 1996 ҹ͵ͺӶ
͹ 96 () 5 Ǻ ͺس..

Ӷ 6 ..

1. Research on how leeches are use in medicine?

2. Explain what soft-shelled crabs are and suggest a reason why they are available only at certain times of the year?

3. Create a table and list the different kinds of pesticides used by farmers.  Then analyze each of the pesticides.  Suggest another alternative method to control pest besides using pesticides?
(͹ҡ Ңʹҡ)

4. Ancient Egyptians worshippef the sun and held a Sacred the Scarab beetle as a symbol of immortality.  Research Scarab beetle and find out their relationship to eternal life.  Write a short report.
(.. bio history áѹ)

5. Read "Flower of the corals seas", (NG 1996 Dec.) Describe how feather stars move.  When and why do they move around?  Describe two-commensular relationship feather stars have with other animals.  Does a feather star have to contend with predator or parasite?
(..٨ҹҡ˹ èԧ)

6. Concept Mapping; Construct a concept map that shows the relationships among various living and nonliving vertebrate.
(͹ ͧ令鹪ѵǡ Ƿ flow chart աҡ)


ǡ ͧͧ
ǡ ҹ bible
ǡ ¹ java user͡ٻҧ ҡ·⤵ëѺ͹





Have to do it anyway, right?


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